Feb 11, 2012

Syrian Kurds seek federalism

A Portrait of Syrian Kurdish boy draws the old Syrian flag on his face,
 and wears Kurdish "Jamadani" over his neck. 

Abdulla Hawez
          Syrian Kurds seek federalism amid the increasing chance for toppling Assad's regime, as they are negotiating with the Syrian National Council to increase corporation.
I talked with a member of Syrian Kurdish National Council (KNC) and member of the negotiating delegation with (SNC), Talal Ibrahim Pasha. He said, they are still negotiating with the Syrian National Council (SNC), as they will meet up again on 18th of this month. Mr. Pasha said, KNC which represent most of the Kurdish parties in Syria and supported by Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) insists on self-determination for Kurds if Bashar Assad toppled, they aren't seeking independence, but targeting federalism probably close to northern Iraq's Kurdish style, meanwhile, so far, SNC told them (KNC) that they admit Kurds have suffered the most during Al-Assad's era, but they prefer giving Kurds their rights without self-determination. Furthermore, he said, they are closer to Syrian National Council than before, as they may compromise at the end, the meeting on 18th of this month may make the shape of relationship between Arabic Syrian National Council and Kurdish National Council clearer.
          Kurdish National Council (KNC), close to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), hold its first conference in Kurdistan's de facto capital of Erbil, later criticized by PKK-backed Democratic Union Party (PYD). While, the Syrian uprising apparently divides the whole region, Kurds also divide over the matter. (KNC) which is close to (KRG) supports foreign intervention to topple Assad's regime, while (PYD) supports the dialogue with the regime. KRG is closer to Turkey, while PKK is close to Iran and Syria.