Feb 24, 2011

Bloody protests in northern Iraq's Kurdistan

Abdulla Hawez

In Silêmanî the second biggest cities of northern Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government three protesters have been killed and more than 66 others wounded. Protesters complained lack of services, unemployment and demand better life conditions. Silêmanî which is stronghold of Kurdish opposition has always been against ruling parties throughout its modern history. On Thursday, hundreds of protesters gathered in front of Silêmanî quarter ofMesûd Barzanî's Kurdistan Democratic Party or PDK (also president of Kurdistan region) and throw stones toward the office and PDK guards respond by shooting protesters. According to the officials in the first day at least 1 protester killed and more than 50 others wounded. The protests continued in the five past days which caused many victims including wounded among police men. Officials said 2 other protesters killed and around 20 others wounded.  Protesters said they will continue protests until government respond their demands.      

Feb 14, 2011

Turkey's AKP as a role model in the Arab world

Abdulla Hawez Abdulla

When Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accused Israel by killing innocent children and indignantly walked out from Davos summit, most Arabs craved Erdoğan to be their leader. Turkey during justice and development party or AKP era has altered toward democracy and human rights significantly. Besides, AKP's socially conservative but politically liberal approaches have made Arabs to admire on Turkey additionally. That's in spite of wide speared Turkish shows that are broadcasting in Arabic TV channels, which they show fantasy love stories. However, it's possible to see that Turkey indirectly has inspired Arabic nations to topple their own dictator and suppressive governments.
Egypt's size and population is so like Turkey, but ironically when it comes to economy and political system you can see the huge gaps between the two countries. The GDP of Egypt is 215 billion$ compared to 730 billion$ in Turkey which means 3.5 times bigger. If we also consider that Egypt has some natural gas but Turkey has none. The Qatari-based Al-Jazeera channel in the recent years has emphasized on Turkey a lot. Through Al-Jazeera which according to media companies has approximately 50 million viewership almost its news daily have contained some news about Turkey and most of it was positive. Also, Turkish TV shows have had a huge impact on making Turkey more beautiful and attractive to Arabs. Even Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ or fame as Muhanad in Arabic world according to CNN is Middle East's Brad Pitt. It might not be directly, but indirectly through those and other reasons Turkey has inspired and motivated Arabs to demand better political and economic situation. A recent poll which conducted by
The Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation or TESEV in eight Arabic countries including Egypt has shown that 80% of the people admired by Turkish model of politics and economy, and they called Turkish model as exemplar. If we consider that a big number of populations of Egypt are christens (about 8 million) and Islamic Muslim brotherhood, the country's most formidable political force, and the flagship of Islamism in the whole Sunni world is most likely in a free elections will win by a landslide, so adopting AKP model will thrive their opportunity devilishly to take power (If they don't want to be isolated like Iran).
You can't imagine Turkey's clout in the Arabic world until you take a close glance. In Tunisia, Islamic Nahza movement which has a big popularity has already announced that in there next conference in the upcoming months they will reform their party to be like AKP. That's clear sign for how much Turkey's Islamic moderate AKP is become ruling model among moderate Islamic movements in the Arabic world. Moreover, AKP contribute to success moderate Islamic parties that were about to fail and there supports alter to radical Islamic movements. Supreme leader of Iran said Middle East turning to Islamic region, it might be true, but he should not be happy about it because he has no grace in this turning, but Turkey's so far successful conservative AKP has made Islamic conservatism to be attractive

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