Feb 24, 2011

Bloody protests in northern Iraq's Kurdistan

Abdulla Hawez

In Silêmanî the second biggest cities of northern Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government three protesters have been killed and more than 66 others wounded. Protesters complained lack of services, unemployment and demand better life conditions. Silêmanî which is stronghold of Kurdish opposition has always been against ruling parties throughout its modern history. On Thursday, hundreds of protesters gathered in front of Silêmanî quarter ofMesûd Barzanî's Kurdistan Democratic Party or PDK (also president of Kurdistan region) and throw stones toward the office and PDK guards respond by shooting protesters. According to the officials in the first day at least 1 protester killed and more than 50 others wounded. The protests continued in the five past days which caused many victims including wounded among police men. Officials said 2 other protesters killed and around 20 others wounded.  Protesters said they will continue protests until government respond their demands.      

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